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I’ve written yet another Munin monitoring plugin recently. I am a little bit obsessed with checking the weather, so this latest plugin allows me to see exactly what the temperature is both outside and inside at any given point in time, as well as view graphs for the past week, month, and year. I haven’t figured out how to make Munin store more than 1 year of data (if you know, please post a comment).

Daily temperature:


Monthly temperature:


Yearly temperature:


I wrote this plugin in conjunction with an Arduino script, an Arduino, an Ethernet shield, and two DS18B20 Dallas OneWire sensors. The plugin will send a request over to my Arduino’s URL to get the sensor data once each polling period (5 minutes default). The Arduino will send data as such:

Indoor.value 70.47
Outdoor.value 37.06

When running the script for testing, you should see:

cleteNAS ~ # munin-run arduinotemp
multigraph temperature
Indoor.value 69.69
Outdoor.value 36.84

multigraph temperature.Indoor
Indoor.value 69.69
multigraph temperature.Outdoor
Outdoor.value 36.84


The plugin will parse the information (remove the line break) and create a unified graph as well as individual graphs for each sensor. The whole setup is easy to get going once you have the parts and it is easily adaptable. I didn’t write the code for reusability, so each file attached will have to be modified in order to fit your build.

If you want to use this plugin but are having issues, leave a comment below.

Code on GitHub (you must have the Dallas OneWire library first)


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